At the end of 2018, this collective initiative, promoted by researchers and specialists coming from various academic institutions and from multiple approaches or areas of interest, began with the purpose of generating a space for study, debate and critical reflection dedicated to all those issues linked to the environmental imaginary in modernity.

Our main objective is, in short, to present and promote a critical and rigorous approach around the field of environmental epistemology. From that point of view, the scope of this issue is an extraordinary starting point to deal with some related issues (which opens up a heterogeneous line of thinking around connected to anthropology, history, philosophy, ethics, science, political ecology or even critical animal studies).

NIPEA maintains a critical position against the growing scientific reductivism, and the accelerated instrumentation and privatization of scientific knowledge since, by its own nature, science must be developed, practiced and disseminated freely in every public space. In this sense, NIPEA follows the principles of the Declaration of Academic Freedom (Scientific Rights of the Human Being) and the Manchester Manifesto about the commercialisation of scientificknowledge.


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